The use of these screws reduces assembly times by the operator, with considerable savings on assembly costs, also giving greater prestige to the finished product. DIN 6900 screws and washers are used in many industries including automotive, construction, aerospace, mining, railroads, and more. 
We can supply screws according to DIN 6900 standards or with any type of head, from M2 to M6 with one or two pre-assembled washers, even in small to medium quantities. 

The NORI VITERIE is a manufacturer of DIN 6900 screws and washers. We have a wide range of products to offer, from screws and washers to threaded rods and bolts. With our vast experience in this field, we are able to manufacture high quality products that are in accordance with international standards.

din 6900-1 screws and washers
din 6900-2 screws and washers
din 6900-3 screws and washers

Materials: 4.8 – 8.8 steel – A2 – A4 stainless steel and brass

In the attached Files you will find the details of the Washers for DIN 6900 Screws

din 6902

din 6904

din 6905 

din 6907 

din 6908